Products Liability

​Representative Cases

  • Product liability/negligence against bakery and homeowner due to gastric perforation following ingestions of wire contained in decoration on custom ordered cake.
  • Successfully mediated high six-figure bodily injury claim allegedly caused by motorcycle product defect which resulted in unintended acceleration and loss of control.
  • Handled alleged national class action against automobile manufacturer in which an engine design defect resulting in premature engine wear was claimed.
  • Handled numerous catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims against automobile manufacturers. Claims included allegations of handling and stability deficiencies, seat belt deficiencies, absence of roll bars, and inadequate roof structures.
  • Handled a variety of serious bodily injury claims against forklift manufacturers involving forklift tipovers, forklift restraint systems, backup alarm claims, and mast injuries. Injuries included paraplegia, cervical fractures, foot and leg injuries, and hand and arm injuries.
  • Handled serious bodily injury claims against manufacturer of circular saws and grinders alleging design defects or failures to provide proper warnings or instructions for use. Claims included amputations, lacerations, and eye injuries.
  • Handled bodily injury claims on behalf automobile/motorcycle component part manufacturers including double quadriplegic vehicle rollover allegedly caused by failure of four-wheel drive locking hubs, and serious burn injuries caused by alleged failure of motorcycle fuel valve.
  • Handled multiple bodily injury/wrongful death claims on behalf of self-insured automotive products sales and service company. Claims included paraplegia, multiple fractures, and multiple deaths arising out of product sales and services.