Ralph A. Lombardi, Esq.

Mediator • Arbitrator

"Ralph Lombardi is an excellent mediator, one of the best, a miracle worker . I recommend him highly to anyone for any case at any time."

​"Ralph Lombardi did an excellent job working with the parties to reach a settlement. While the case did not resolve at the initial session, through subsequent efforts over the following two weeks, he was able to conclude the settlement."

"Mr. Lombardi's style was a little different than other mediators we have used, but it was effective in resolving the matter. I appreciate his offer to continue assisting after we had completed a full day session, should we need it. He was very effective in assisting my young client in understanding all the issues involved in a complicated resolution."

"Mr. Lombardi was very cordial and communicative. At no fault of the mediator the opposing side chose not to use the opportunity to resolve the case. Will return to Mr. Lombardi in the future."

"Ralph is an exceptional mediator who was able to successfully resolve a case with calm professionalism in a setting of high emotions."

"Ralph is a GREAT mediator!"

"I want to thank you all again for the quality of the facilities, staff and this mediator. One has a lot of choices in the ADR world. The quality of the services on professionals at ADR Services puts it above the others. And the prices are not obnoxious. I really mean that."